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In-House "Web Writing" Training

Web Writing classes and in-house training-since 1997.

Finally - a web writing class designed around YOUR staff's needs!

• Class exercises are created from your own material.
• Class content is geared around your staff's needs.

You'll apply what you've learned to your work the very next day.

Online demos and hands-on exercises will get you thoroughly involved in the process. Site critiques and group discussion create a fun, fast-paced workshop that will meet your web writing training needs.

Clients include organizations, government, non-profits and education.

• I specialize in science, health and medicine organizations and government agencies.



Create Content with Impact
• Make your content task-centered and informational.
• Create goals for everything you put online.

Make Text Scannable
• Turn big blocks of text into bite-sized chunks.
• Create a strategy for making text scannable.

Use Fewer Words
• Shorten verbose text, say more with less.
• Write for clarity and impact using Plain Language.

Need "right now"web writing training for your staff, on your time and at your office?

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Looking for Government web writing classes?

Customized, in-house staff training for government agencies.

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"I learned more in 90 minutes about what was wrong with my company's web site than three web designers have been able to give me in the last five months!"

- Stuart,
Capitol Network, Inc.

"You are a terrific instructor, and you really have a gift for explaining things to people- making writing much easier!
-- Mary Fumento
American Public Power Association

"I loved/hated the writing exercises-but they were VERY valuable. As painful and difficult as they could be for me, it was the quickest method to point out what you do and don't know. With each one, you learn and improve a little!"

-EPA student, Washington DC